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Dollhouse aesthetic inspires the Art World

posted on April 04 2017

Dollhouse main

I think every little girl played with miniatures growing up. I loved Polly Pocket and couldn't get enough of all the accessories you could buy for her. Not much has changed and kids still love playing with dollhouse figurines and furniture. Even some adults.

Recently we've been stumbling across artists working in this space. The mini, miniature, little world space… their work reminds us of the way children use their imagination to make up stories. We love to watch children play with little figurines in dollhouses, role playing the ideas they've come up with throughout the day. Playing pretend with small toys is a great exercise for both girls and boys. Don't be afraid to encourage little boys in this way. It's a chance for them to try on different feelings and express themselves. Hugely important part of their development.

Below is a list of some of our favourite artists working in miniature. Hope you like them as much as we do! Plus some ideas on how to bring this kind of play home with you.




Anonymous is a guerrilla style artist. In the spirit of Banksy no one knows much about her. But on the streets of Malmö, Sweden you may be lucky enough to run into one of her works of art. You'll have look down because their very small and located on public street corners. Like this adorable cafe and bakery made for the city's mice. Not only do the cute shops have seating areas and bike stands they sell nuts and cheese for little mice nearby and even have posters about upcoming mice concerts. Could you imagine seeing this little shop at the corner of a street? 

Some of our miniatures that remind us of Anonymouse:

pink wooden kitchen set table and chairdjeco cubic house dining room blue wooden kitchen set


Miniature Space

miniature space cake

Miniature Space is a Youtuber from Japan who makes edible food out of dollhouse kitchen utensils. It's so tiny but yet real and he cooks over mini tea lights. I'll be honest, it's hard to watch someone make a miniature cheesecake from these tiny appliances, it drives me a little crazy watching the tiny efforts possible with big thumbs but its also great to see the lengths a little imagination will take you! 

The mini-miniatures like the Lundby utensils below are not for the faint of heart:  

Stockholm DollhouseStockholm Dollhouse Barbecue SetStockholm Dollhouse Kitchen Accessories

Now watch the video yourself:


Philip Nuveen

philip nuveen dior bagsphilip nuveen mcqueen table

Philip Nuveen is an Instagram artists who specialises in high end mini wares. His haute couture miniatures are made even more adorable by the tiny details, like the tiny Dior print in the picture above. Dollhouse pieces don't usually come with Dior carrier bags and Starbucks coffee cups, but Philip has you covered! 

Shop our miniatures inspired by his:

smaland lundby Dollhouse Loft Bed SetStockholm Dollhouse TV SetThe Cubic Living Room Dollhouse Furniture Toys -Petit Home by Djeco - See more at:



slinkachu family day out

Slinkachu's is another street artists who's installations are popping up all over London and they are just so cute. There is something really whimsical about the perspective between a bottle cap being giant next to these tiny little people. He creates his scenes around puddles, melted popsicles, weeds in between the pavements and other nooks and crannies. Look out for them in London and don't step on them!

Here's some of our little people:

Stockholm Family Dollhouse Figures Summer Set by LundbyMilo and Lila Family of Four Dollhouse Toy Figures -Petit Home DjecoGarden House Dollhouse Furniture -Petit Home by Djeco


William Kass

William Kass

William Klass uses Instagram to showcase his work. He often brings everyday foods into the little scenes, we like how in this picture he uses chills to create goal posts and tortilla chips become the pitch. He's amazing at making huge worlds out of small food and miniature figurines. His images show an imaginary world of miniatures.

Here's some minis inspired by Klass:

Pippi Longstocking Small Dollhouse Toy Furniture SetPippi, Tommy & Annika - Dollhouse Figurines by Micki Stockholm Dollhouse Pool Set




Sugilang's work is an exercise in scarcity, just a couple of objects create large landscapes for his little figurines to live in. His images are simple yet compelling.

Here's some we recommend for folks who want to emulate the Sugilang spirit:

The Terrace Dollhouse Furniture -Mon Petite Home Range by DjecoStockholm Dollhouse - including accessoriesPippi Longstocking Pirate Ship Dollhouse Toys - Hoppetossa with Figurines Included



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