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Dolls in the shape of Kids

posted on July 28 2018

Lottie Dolls are wonderfully child like, award-winning and on a mission to empower young minds and nurture individuality through play. Kids love them because they see a doll 'just like me'. And parents appreciate how they are great role models, innocent, diverse and ambitious. 

The Stargazer was the first doll to go to outer space (in real life). And Mia the Wildlife Photographer who is part of the amazing Toys Like Me initiative to bring more diversity to toys. We love her fabulous hair and the fact that she carries her camera around with her everywhere she goes. Also that she wears a cochlear device to help her hear.

We LOVE this ambitious brand from just down the road in Donegal, Ireland.

Lottie Doll Treehouse and Dolls


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