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Five Year Old Gift Guide

posted on October 24 2018

What to buy a Five Year Old?

Get to know what's going on in a child's development 


Bring out the best in your little one with our Five Year Old Gift Guide

Matching the right toys to the development stage of a four year old is no easy feat. In this blog series Sarah Sutcliffe, former childminder, mother of three and LCB staff member shares some recommendations. 


Play at this age is still crucial to how your child learns and builds their social, emotional and thinking skills. Matching the right tools or toys to this stage of development has a really worthwhile and important function. 



Five Year Old Birthday Gift Guide

1. Fifth Birthday Greetings Card from Little Citizens Boutique, £3 | 2. Cat Sunglasses, £3 | 3. Rainbow Animal Nouns Pencil Set by Newton and the Apple, £9 | 4. Large Wooden Pastel Rainbow Tunnel by Grimm's, £64 | 5. Milkshake Slow Rise Squishy, £12 | 6. Under The Sea Backpack by Petit Monkey, £22


1) Your child's play is now more likely to be filled with lots of fantasy and drama. At the same time, being more interactive, working towards common goals and negotiating ways around little disagreements becomes more manageable. They are learning to play together. 

Encouraging children to indulge in role play at this stage is the perfect way to grow confidence and develop social skills. A great way to encourage this amazing new found collaboration is to get a group together, maybe even throw a little party.

Get a few friends together and take them on a scavenger hunt. Develop a checklist with 10-20 items they need to document. For example 1) a yellow flower 2) a 5 point leaf 3) a bird in a tree..  With this Explorer's Case you can get each one to take responsibility for a task, use the binoculars for wildlife spotting, hydration captain makes sure everyone gets enough to drink and someone needs to be in charge of navigation with the compass. And lastly you'll need someone to document the hunt. 

Don't let things stop here. We have a huge collection of toys and games for five year olds inspired by the concept of role play. Check out more options here. 

Imaginative Building for Five Years Olds Tegu for sale at Little Citizens


2) Your child will now want to spend more time with others and is generally more co-operative and able to share. These developments open up a whole new world of team building, problem-solving and creating small world scenarios together. Enter the wonderful world of Playmobil! Timeless, interactive, robust and workable Playmobil offers up a whole host of options for evolutionary play and is so durable it will last forever! Children will play with these for a long, long time. We have nine years olds who are still huge fans. Literally hours of storytelling through these little characters. 

3) Your child is now more able to follow rules and manage simple instructions. They are also potentially more competitive! SO board games at the ready. We are currently loving the just landed Animal Bingo Set from Vilac. It's a super fun way to spend time with little ones in a moderately competitive environment whilst helping to nurture patience and the social skills to take turns. 

For a greater selection of carefully chosen games and puzzles, check out this link.


Kid's at play with toys from Little Citizens Boutique


4) Your child will be enjoying a greater sense of independence these days and will be better able to communicate their feelings. They will be able to pay attention for longer, will be retaining more information and will be using a more varied vocabulary (learning between 5 - 10 new words every day.) They will feel proud of their achievements and are more likely to push themselves out of their comfort zone to reach higher goals. Their understanding of the world will also be growing, which may lead to a show of more developed emotions; empathy, compassion, anxiety. Family, of course, will remain the most important thing to your child during these shifts in development. They will look to parents and older siblings for approval and praise. They will thrive on love, support and encouragement and one of the very best things you can give your child at this stage is the gift of time.


The best kids books selection online at Little Citizens Boutique


Connecting with your child through reading is one of the best ways of giving them that time, whilst helping nurture independence and confidence. The immediate benefits of reading may be obvious but regular reading also helps children process, think for themselves, manage emotions and find better ways to communicate. 

The Little Citizens Book Collection aims to do just that. Have a look at our carefully curated of tested and proven books that you and your kids will love.  

5) Your child's imagination will be running riot by now! Alongside this, their fine motor skills are much more sophisticated. They will be able to sit for longer periods of time in a quiet setting whilst being more open to both the idea of free play and to suggestion and instruction. They will enjoy using equipment to copy shapes and create more detailed pictures and will understand more about choice.

Cue the most beautiful paint set in town and thumbs up to Vilac and Nathalie L'ete for bringing this wonderful thing into our store! Full of colour, choice and promise, these art supplies delight ticks every box above. 

As you can see, there's a fair bit going on in the lives of our five year olds. They're not babies anymore and they're well on their way to finding their feet in the world, but they still need us more than they ever did (she says hopefully after being told by my five year old this morning that I was really only needed 'sometimes' these days.)  




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