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Future Rockstar: Katya Kuziakina Finalist in Hit Like a Girl

posted on August 25 2016

Check out this wee Rocker Chic, Katya is only 7 but she has got some moves. She plays the drums like a badass and is a total inspiration for girls. She's not just talented on the drums, she's got bags of style. Plus that little head move in the middle of the song is just so cute. We love the fact that she taught herself by watching AC/DC videos online.

We decided to find out more about this future rockstar.

Katya Kuziakina is 7 years old she's from Yasnohorodka, not far from Kyiv the capital of Ukraine.

You just never know when a passion will be discovered. She began to play with Chinese sticks, banging them on the table while listening to AC/DC records and Ukrainian rock bands with her dad. 

Then when she got her first drum she started to master entire songs. She's now been on stage with rock bands in her hometown and is looking for a professional drum instructor-- anyone out there know someone?!

With only a year under her belt, she's been teaching herself by watching AC/DC videos on Youtube. Amazing. When she entered the Hit Like a Girl global drum contest this year she made it to the finals in the under 18 group. The contest was started by drum industry insiders led by Davide Levine founder of TRX Cymbals because they felt like girls and women were being underserved. We couldn't agree more we want more kickass girl drummer in the world!

She was also running a campaign on IndieGoGo to travel to, and record music in the USA. Sadly the campaign ended and she didn't make her goal :-( We just want to say: Don't give up on your dreams Katya, we believe in you! You can help her too by leaving a message of support here on our page or sending her a message of support on her Youtube channel. 

Check out her channel here. It's only 6 months old and already has 500,000 views with over 2600 subscribers. 

AND if you want to play around at home with some drums (or Chinese pickup sticks ;-) here's a couple of toy starter kits that we sell at Little Citizens:

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