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Glitter Rainbow Tape, Need I say More?

posted on February 28 2017

We so admire Jaimee & Claire over at Yoyo Mom blog for their epic taste and ability to search things out and put things together. For the busy peops amongst us this is a really big help. Thank you. Below is one of their latest edits, The Rainbow Edit. 

We feel you, rainbows are beautiful because they include all the colours, are universal and appeal to the way we see the world. Thanks for including our Rainbow Glitter Tape, it's pretty rad.

Yoyomom blog includes Little Citizens Boutique in their edit

Our shop is currently lucky to have lots of rainbows in stock. You guys have to see the Rainbow by Grimms, it is just SO beautiful. There are three sizes but especially the large one is a total delight. You can build castles, drive your car under them like tunnels and turn the arches upside down to surprise your little one with a see saw or boat. 

Rainbow animated version of Grimm's wooden puzzle for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

This is one of those toys for life. Simple as a puzzle or deconstructed into multiple play landscapes and as you get older you still will appreciate it as a sculpture on a shelf for years to come. Until the next generation appears. 

Rainbow Wooden Sculpture Puzzle by Grimm's for sale at Little Citizens

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