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Love for Planet Earth

posted on April 22 2017

Green toys to celebrate Earth Day

Introduce children to the wonderful diversity of planet earth. 

Happy Earth Day Little Citizens of the World!

Green Toys to introduce kids to Earth day

1.Girls of the World - £24  2.Ocean Bath Squirters - £12.50   3.Velvet Moon Cushion - £28   4.Clothes Rack - £99   5.World Map Beach Ball - £4  6.The Tiger's Walk Jigsaw - £14.50  7.Sun Pom Pom Baby Greeting Card - £4  8.Weather Stickers - £1.25  9.World Magnetic Map - £48  10.Large Wooden Rainbow - £64 11.Sunshine Twin Rattle - £6

Today is a little like the Earth's birthday.

Can you believe the earth is 4.6 years billion years old? Back in university my geology teacher taught me something incredible. It's a little party trick to demonstrate how old 4.6 billion years really is. You'll have to stand up and raise your arm so that it's parallel to the ground. Then take a nail file and file your middle finger once. You've just wiped out human existence. 

Earth Day was established 40 years ago to raise awareness for conservation of our planet.

For ideas of things to do with kids check out the Earth Day Network they list very cool Acts of Green that get you thinking of reducing your footprint.

This year they are organising a Science March in Washington DC, I love that they are bringing the importance of the scientific method to the White House!


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