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Have you ever wanted to own a Toy Store?

posted on May 28 2019

We're looking for the next owner to take over this amazing award winning and totally loveable and profitable business.

Little Citizens is for Sale 

I am so grateful for you, every order, every customer, every child and family member who has become a part of our community. This business is more than our individual parts and in this way I feel like I am only a custodian of this amazing brand.

Little Citizens belongs to the children of today and tomorrow. With the aim of raising open minded and open hearted little citizens to be happy adventurers and creative problem solvers, this mission is bigger than us. And thank goodness for that.

I am on the hunt for the right person to head up Little Citizens to fill this very important gap of imagination and play. 

Little Citizens will continue to be an engine for creativity in new families, we'll make sure of that.

Please share so that we can find the right person for the job, my feeling is that while I have to pass the baton it could well be someone from our community who decides they'd like to contribute to something wonderful. 

On a personal level, I've had some metaphorical business babies and I’ve decided to invest more time into these but I promise to stay in touch and help the next stage of development. 

With all my love,


Little Citizens Boutique is for Sale looking for a buyer for this award winning business

>>>> thank you <<<<

Ever dreamed of owning your own toy store?
This is the perfect opportunity for someone to build on our success to date and own their own business. Being your own boss and managing your time in a creative environment that involves learning and play is one of life’s greatest pleasures.
Little Citizens is an award winning store that specialises in toys that are fun and smart. We have online customers around the world and a lovely local following in Holywood, Co Down, UK. The opportunity also exists to relocate or run this business from home.
Our community is more than 65k strong. Our loyalty rate is super high even while we’ve never really advertised. There is huge potential to increase profit, expand product range and scale. All business procedures are in a handbook, paperwork is in order and a handover and consultation period can be arranged.
Current owner has new business that requires more time and is keen to connect the right person to this exciting opportunity. To continue to grow as an engine of creativity for young families will always be paramount to our community and our team.
Please email if you are interested and we will reply with a Business Stat Sheet.

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  • Catherine: June 15, 2019

    I have adored this little gem from the very first sonogram. Such a succulent success story! She would be a mere seedling if it weren’t for your genius, innovation and pizazz. Bravo mamma. Your girl is graduating! ❤️

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