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Ideas on Combining Grimm's Wooden Toys & Materials for Play

posted on April 29 2017

Grimm's makes the most wonderful wooden toys that inspire Play.

We love the simplicity of the shapes, a perfect example of 10% toy and 90% child. Looking at them is one thing but holding them in your hands is entirely different, there is something primal that get's you experimenting, feeling and sensing. Building, testing and converting a simple arch into a boat, a tunnel, a bridge...

We've heard some parents say they just don't get it, but watch as you give them to a child they immediately begin to play. Play isn't about a destination, it's about a journey, there is no right or wrong way when it's open and free. And there is possibly no greater pleasure than to hear your child completely engaged in their own little world. A dose of healthy imagination and in love with the universe, totally present in the moment. 

As we grow we start to question our instincts only to spend the rest of our lives trying to get back to that immediacy and naturalness of childhood. But as adults we can still play, we might need a little coaxing but what an honour to enter a child's world beside them watching and learning from their free association. 

There are also times as a parent it become a priority to sit with your child and show them how to play, if they can see you relax long enough to enjoy some simple pleasures they will feel more at ease themselves.

We've compiled a gallery of images that might inspire you to get on your hands and knees. Featuring mostly Grimm's wooden toys as they inspire so many different ways to create and play. They follow the mantra that "wood inspires all senses" - with each toy providing a unique sound, smell, touch, taste and look through the wood's natural marks.

Grimm's promotes this kind of infinite number of ways to play, combining materials like Sarah's Silks with recycled boxes for example to create a world. Bring in the dolls and figurines for storytelling opportunities and away you go. Don't be afraid to combine Magna Tiles with plush animals or hard block or found materials like shells and sticks. It's all fair game.

Take a look at how other people have been inspired to use their Grimm's blocks and be amazed at their imaginative creations.

Here's a few examples borrowed from Grimm's website:



These images of play came from Instagram



How is this creation even possible? Creativity powers magical ideas




Let's warm up by the fire (can imagination create heat? *warm day preferable*)




Because of the scale of some of the Grimm's toys range kids become embedded in play-- here's a few pics that show kids interacting with their creations.




A mermaid tail? Genius

Kids clearly love playing with these wooden toys, but what happens when they're finished for the day and you have to find a place for the toys around the house? Enter Grimm's and the online creatives.

Hate waste and unnecessary packaging? Grimm's understands and designs packaging that can be used during play.

Grimm's toys allow you to create anything and everything imaginable - the main aim is to have fun and get crazy with it! 

And here are some videos of different ways of playing Grimm's:


Our Grimm's Wooden Toy Range is full of ideas for super fun play, have a look at all the different toys in stock and pick something up, it is sure to bring hours of please and stay in the family for generations.


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