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Kids ❤ Mothers to the moon and back!

posted on March 20 2017

From all the kids in the world-- Happy Mother's Day!

Funny the way people talk about how much they love their kids but rarely do we hear it from the their perspective. Since becoming a mum the greatest gift has been the amount of love, support and adoration that is given to me by my daughter. I am in disbelief, overwhelmed and forever grateful.  

This weekend is mother's day and kid's everywhere love to show their mum how much they mean to them. Forward this to dad so he can help get the little one's organised. Our recommendation is 1. a hand made card (the absolute best present) 2.cuddles (lots) 3.breakfast in bed and 4. a little gift from our mummy section to make her feel darling and adored. 

Enjoy celebrating on of the greatest forces in the world: moms.



Mother's Day is Everyday-- how Kids Love Moms to the Moon and Back

1. Unicorn Garland - £12 ($15)  2. Glitter Shooting Star Hair Clip - £10 ($12)  3. Polar Bear Metallic Leather Hair Clips - £13 ($15.75) 4. Liberty Betsy Print Pinwheels - £10.50 ($12.75)  5. Designer Tapes - £4 ($5) 6. Canvas Cactus Tote - £36 ($45) 7. Delightful Notebooks - from £3 ($4)  8. Rainbow Cushion - £36 ($45) 9. Mermaid Knit Doll - £38 ($49.50) 10. Money Pouch - £10 ($12.50)  11. Swan Night Light - £14 ($16.75) 12. Meri Meri clips, slides and necklace - from £5 ($6) 13. Liberty Love Notes - £12.50 ($16)       

***please note US dollars are estimates only, exact price will be shown on the day as currency value may fluctuate***

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