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Lottie Doll Goes To Space - Designed by 6 Year Old Abigail

posted on October 18 2016

This talented little lady is six year old Abigail, who designed the Stargazer Lottie doll. The video below, created by female filmmaker Elena Rossini talks to Abigail and her Mom Zoe about their adventure. Abigail has a wonderful curiosity and enthusiasm for space travel so Lottie Doll teamed up with her to create a doll to go to space!

Stargazer Lottie visited the International Space Station along with British ESA astronaut Tim Peake in December 2015. The Special Edition ‘Gold Collection’ ‘Stargazer’ Lottie doll is a collaboration with the European Space Agency, and winner of the ‘Little Scientist’ Space Age Award at the New York Toy Fair 2015. It just goes to show what little citizens can achieve when we encourage and inspire curiosity through play. 

Lottie Doll StartgazerLottie Doll Startgazer

When we discovered Lottie Dolls we had to get them in store. You can see the full range on our website here, including the Stargazer Lottie Doll.


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