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Lottie Dolls in the Shape of Kids

posted on October 10 2018

The new Lottie Doll collection reminds us of the versatility of dolls. From role playing the everyday, masticating on what happened, how does that make us feel to going on adventures if spirit and imagination, Lottie and friends are full of ideas and connect with little ones everywhere. Maybe because they fit comfortably in their hands and maybe because they are shaped like ordinary nine year olds... all we know is how much these dolls are loved.

It's the photos that our customers send us that tell us how successful they are as a toy, we've put together this gallery of some of our favourite photos of little ones deep in play. Please do send more pics to hello, we'd love to continue adding to this gallery.


Lottie Dolls New Collection for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

Lottie Doll Superhero for sale at Little Citizens


Lottie Dolls superheroes friends forever halloween costume for sale on Little Citizens

Superhero like me. 

Sofia playing with Lottie dolls from Little Citizens Boutique

Designed her own dresses and what cool earrings!

Lottie Dolls baking cookies friends kitchen fun food on sale for Little Citizens

Baking together with my little friend.

Lottie Dolls friends outdoor race team for sale on Little Citizens

On your marks get set go.

Lottie Dolls supergirl superman friends power strength for sale on Little Citizens

Saved by Superman

Lottie Dolls rain fun outdoor water rain puddle for sale on Little Citizens

These Wellie boots keep my feet dry!

Lottie Dolls smart mathematic pencil girl power calculator for sale on Little Citizens

Using my imagination to make sense of calculus

Lottie Dolls outdoor horses nature fun for sale on Little Citizens

Riding is super fun when I bring my Lottie with me. 

Lottie Dolls friendship friends girls blond hair dark hair girl power for sale on Little Citizens

A little friend who understands pre-tweens!

Lottie Dolls drawing creativity colours art for sale on Little Citizens

I might be an astronomer but I am also a painter.

Lottie Dolls rainbow drawing creativity colours for sale on Little Citizens

We set up our painting studio together.

Lottie Dolls library books reading girls power friends smart for sale on Little Citizens

It's time to do some reading.

Lottie Dolls playground fun friends outside girls for sale on Little Citizens

My Forest Friend is a happy little girl when she's at the park.

Lottie Dolls friends twins pink girls fun for sale on Little Citizens

The coolest thing ever is her outfit matches mine!

Lottie Dolls playing girls bedtime night fun for sale on Little Citizens

Sleepy time for all xo night night.

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