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*NEW ARRIVALS* Meri Meri's Party Supplies and Interior Accessories are here!

posted on May 18 2018

 Meri Meri New Arrivals

Meredith Stuart-Smith the founder of Meri Meri started her business back in 1985. But the company has exploded in popularity only in the last few years. Ever the finder of great taste it was thirty two years ago at The National Stationery Show, that Bergdorf Goodman's placed their first order. According to Meri Meri they were one of the few as hand made greeting cards just weren't that popular back then. 

Now Meri Meri is everywhere and thank goodness for that. At Little Citizens we can't get enough of their wares. We love the happy joyful quality of the designs and how they make it so easy to add a little pompom/glitter accessory to everyday life.

I've been thinking a lot about how really good things take time. Being in it for the long run, one of the benefits of our fast moving modern world is how much is accessible but it's also one of our greatest challenges. How to master a career, a subject, a project or even a conversation with so many flipping beeps everywhere?

Well if you really have a love for something, that something will eventually connect with the outside world. It has no place to go once it's cultivated but to where it needs to.

Enjoy the new Meri Meri delivery, it will be flying out the door and spreading joy on walls around the world. Thank you Meredith. 



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