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The Best Toys for Maths * Learn by Doing

posted on June 19 2018

It's proven that kids as young as six start to get turned off of maths. Doing maths is not the way most kids learn. They might get the answer wrong and feel like they just don't get it. Then frustration kicks in and what is up with the pencil being thrown across the room?!

To help kid's learn let them learn by doing the math. Real life examples are so much more helpful than walking through the principle of equations. Toys like this amazing Counting Pyramid, helps a child experience one tenth. The building blocks that make up the pyramid can be seen as fractions. How wonderful is it to actually experience one unit in comparison to ten. To see it and play with it is a wonderful way to lay a foundation. 

In the following Tedx talk, Nigel Nisbet, an authority in Math Education and interactive curriculum designer talks about how to teach kid's maths. He believes learning is something that students do, not something that happens to them.

Rudolf Steiner education has always promoted playing with numbers before you start to learn them. It is a proven fact that kid's who come from large families are more familiar with fractions simply because they have had to share cakes and pizza for example. 

Here is a Little Citizens Math Toys Edit to help kids learn by doing. Enjoy!

Playing with Numbers the best toys for learning maths

1. Counting with Colours and Wooden Threading Beads by Grimm's - £30 | 2. Magna Tiles 8 Piece Polygons Expansion Set - £22 | 3. Colouring Surprise Join the Dots Travel by Djeco - £5 | 4. Counting with Colours 100 Array by Grimm's - £102 | 5. Magna Tiles 48 Piece CLEAR Colours DX Vehicle Set - £62 | 6. Gatcha Gatcha Bingo Beads Set by Kukkia - £22 | 7. Colouring Surprise Join the Dots by Djeco - £5


And finally here are some great tips on how to incorporate maths into everyday from the BBC. 

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