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Jasmine Ricardo - how a Playmobil Star was Born

posted on September 13 2017

How to play with Playmobil?

And the well known Playmobil child star that goes by the name of Jasmine Ricardo.

Some parents might ask, what is the benefit of playing with figurines like Playmobil? Role modelling is a big part of growing up. Kids process ideas that they hear throughout the day when they play with their imagination. Through role play they figure out the world around them.

It's important to give them little people, characters or figures ideally with a play house or landscape so they can practice enacting the many scripts they hear or witness in life... We highly recommend Playmobil as a toy. It is one of our all time favourites.

Playmobil is so well made, robust and lasts for ages and we haven't met a child yet that isn't totally taken with the many toys available in the range, from a flat bed truck to a cruise ship, the imaginative play worlds are endless. Plus they can go in the bath so A+ for versatility.

Here are some of LCB's Playmobil faves!

LCB's fave Playmobil toys

One of my favourites sounds on earth is my daughter humming to herself, makes me feel happy. The second favourite is when I can hear her playing. Making up stories. Recently I kept hearing the same name over and over. Jasmine Ricardo this and Jasmine Ricardo that. When suddenly she said, "Oh no Jasmine has hurt her arm. We've got to take her to the hospital."  I stopped what I was doing and perched myself on the floor beside her to ask, "Who is this Jasmine Ricardo? And where did you get such a fabulous name from?".

"From Youtube", Zulema replied. She explained she watches a Playmobil programme where Jasmine Ricardo is the star.  

It turns out this bizarre but fabulous channel is a full on a filmmaking saga of Playmobil storylines. And has been inspiring my daughter and her friends, helping them develop storylines that they can take from Youtube offline.

Complete with scripts, plot turns, music scoring, drama and happy endings.. these stop motion movies are a delight. Lil'monkey Media is a family run Youtube channel. Two sisters, their mum and auntie work on developing these lovely little stories. Have a watch and be inspired to play here:


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