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Sleep For Children....Why it Matters

posted on September 23 2016

My mom has run a daycare for early 30 years and she believes strongly in the power of sleep. Through the years she has observed that kids who sleep well are happy and those that don't just aren't. She points out stiffened muscles in baby's little bodies, saying they are overtired. Some parents who brought their baby's to my mom would start by saying, "oh, we think they are just really hyper active". After a few weeks with my mom, she would teach them to sleep. The parents would say things like, "oh my goodness, he's like a different child". Sleep is essential for babies (and adults too).

Does your little one have a consistent sleep pattern? Here's a few studies that prove the importance of sleep.

Regular bedtimes can mean more than peace and quiet for parents as studies by Kelly et al show that irregular bedtimes of children aged 3 were associated with lower test scores in reading, maths and spatial awareness in both boys and girls.

Sleeping baby

But establishing a routine can be tricky. Further data collected in the UK Millennium Cohort Study found that by 3-year-olds were the most likely to have erratic bedtimes, with one in five children going to bed at varying times. But by age 7, more than half of children went to bed regularly between 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

So what time should children go to bed?

Sleep consultants, the 'Sleep Sisters' recommend the following times for children:

10 months - 3 years: 6pm - 7pm

3 years - 6 years: 6pm - 8pm

7 years - 12 years: 7.30pm - 9pm

The earlier we can settle our children into a consistent sleep pattern, the better for their overall health and cognitive performance.

Check out some of our night lights and lamps that can help children fall asleep.

Night lights

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