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Shock Your Tweens with Knowledge

posted on July 19 2017

Are Tweens Hard to Buy For?

Overheard in store-- tweens are hard to buy for, they only want money. They play video games and are on their phone all day. We think Tweens still love to play, but you need to hit them up with the right gear. Stuff that's on their wavelength. Intelligent cool and gross stuff works well. For example...

Shock your tweens with the knowledge that before there was video games there was pinball machines. This amazing Pinball Science book kit lets your kid build their own while serendipitously picking up serious physics knowledge. Plus a summer reading book Kid Normal highly recommended written and only just published by Greg James and Chris Smith of Radio 1 fame. Its meant to be hilarious about a kid who moves house and starts a new school but enrols in a superhero school by mistake. His only chance at fitting in is being normal.

Lastly in our mini tween edit is a Pop Eye Snake, squeeze to watch their eyes bulge out of their head. Cool and gross = sensory love!!

Happy Tweening this summer!! 😘

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