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The Benefits of when Children Travel

posted on September 20 2016

I love that we found a study that says kids who travel perform better in school. We are passionate world explorers and now with even more justification. Share this with anyone who rains on your travel plans!!

Travel allows children to discover the world in a unique way, and experience things they would never have the chance to otherwise. Travel sparks their curiosity and expands their view of the world as they see, smell, and taste things for the first time. When children travel, every moment is a chance for them to discover, and for parents to teach.

The benefits of travel can even extend to the classroom. Family trips have been shown to improve academic performance for many children. Studies in the US found that kids who travel during holiday periods perform better in the classroom, no matter where they travelled. 

New cultural experiences encourage children to become global little citizens in society and see things from another perspective. According to a survey by SYTA-Explorica, over 80% of respondents who experienced foreign travel during their younger years had earned a college degree and were earning above average income.

When the opportunity arises, hop in the car, book a trip, or just go for a walk. These are a child's most formative years, so opening their minds to new experiences is incredibly valuable. Its also more fun!

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