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The Ultimate Family Travel Party Bag

posted on September 08 2017

best travel goodie bags for kids

What goes in a party bag for an 8 Hour flight? 

One of our team members at LCB HQ is off on holidays and wanted to put together a little travel kit for her three year old daughter. Our party bags are a great way to keep kids busy on long journeys. It also works really well if they don't know they're getting treats until you are on the plane or on the road. So when they ask are we there yet, you can say no but do you want to see what I got you? One recommendation we make is wrap the little toys in individual packs so that you can produce them at different times along the way. Here's a couple of inspirational ideas, developed by the lovely Aine O'Hagan, currently pounding the streets of NYC. Have a brilliant time Aine!


This is the go to for every mom to have in her travel bag and its a great way to keep the kids occupied and quiet. A great game to play is to challenge the kids to create a scene around one sticker. So if its a sticker of a horse, ask them to imagine where the horse lives and draw it. Keeps their imaginations active. 

For your little Picasso:

best toys for long flights best toys for long flights with kids party bags for long flights and travel



It's always great to keep moving during flights and give them a bit of time to be as active as possible. We've some suggestions that will keep the kids productively fidgeting. Think of their senses, give them things to hold and touch, open the air vents and watch their fringe fly. You'll both have a laugh.

Keep on Movin':

best party bag toys for long flights best travel toys for long flights Best travel toys for long flights



Traveling is the best way to wake up a child's natural curiosity in geography. Teach them how for they're traveling, talk about the equator and the poles and the different countries they're flying over. You can even make up a little quiz on the globe! 

Say hello to the earth: 

best toys for travel on flights best toys for long flights  best toys for long flights


Shop for more Travel Toys here.

Happy Travels my friends xo

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