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posted on October 05 2017

What's so great about being scared?

Are you throwing a spooky Halloween party this year for the kids? Get in the spooky spirit, with the perfect party accessories from creepy cool cupcake kits to frightening fake blood

The great thing about being scared is...

When we're scared adrenaline and dopamine speed up our heart rate and blood pressure preparing us for fight or flight, what's so great about Halloween is that really it's a whole lot of pretend. So there's nothing real to be scared of. So the rush of blood into our nervous system makes us excited and delivers for most of us just the right amount of fun.

The plus side is that an increase in heart rate burns calories ;-) Joking aside, the study of thrills is absolutely fascinating. As we grow older newer experiences that used to provide that heightened thrill start to subside and we can often crave a little scare or fear, just the right amount is interpreted as thrill. We learned this from one of our favourite engineers, Brendan Walker, the world's only Thrill Engineer who is often asked by Amusement Parks to help them design thrill rides. 

If you have any photos of your little citizens thrilled and ready for trick or treating remember to tag us on Instagram @littlecitizens, we love seeing and sharing the creativeness that flows through your blood! Bruhahahahaaa

SHOP Scary and Fun Halloween Accessories

1. Dracula and Bat Tattoos by Meri Meri 

2. Halloween Cupcake Kit by Meri Meri 

3. Witch and Cat Tattoos by Meri Meri 

4. Halloween Character Large Plates by Meri Meri 

5. Bat Balloon by Meri Meri 

6. Halloween Character Large Plates by Meri Meri

7. Witch Hats by Meri Meri 

8. Frankenstein and Skull Tattoos by Meri Meri 

9. Halloween Character Large Plates by Meri Meri

10. Fake Blood by Tobar 


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