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Before there was plastic -and after there was wood- there was Tin Toys.

posted on July 28 2017

 The Amazing Nostalgia of Tin Toys

Toys made out of pressed metal came into fashion at the beginning of the 20th century. They were cheaper to produce than wooden toys. During the WWII the production was discontinued because tin was needed for the war effort. Under the Marshall Plan US granted Japan the right to resume production of tin toys.

The toys from Japan were exported around the world and had many fans. Until cheaper plastic was invented in the 1960s. 

In our store today we carry French Vilac tin toys and US Shylling tin toys, some are windup, or friction, or peekaboo toys and others you can ride. All with amazing nostalgic appeal.

Gorgeous tactile tin picks up colour in a way that plastic does not. This muted tone and retro nostalgia is a favourite around here. Because some things from the past are worth keeping and passing on.


Best selection of Tin Toys on sale at Little Citizens Boutique

1. Classic Ride-On Racing Car, White by Vilac- £99 | 2. Ingela Arrhenious Metal Music Box, Marching Band by Vilac - £14.50, 3. Tin Yo-Yo by Tobar - £3 | 4. Natalie Lete Metal Music Box by Vilac - £14.50 | 5. Tin Friction Boat by Tobar - £6 | 6. Tin Hot Air Balloon Mobile by Tobar - £22 | 7. Peter Rabbit Jack in the Box - £25

Silver Vintage Ride-On Car for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

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