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To Pierce or Not to Pierce Your Ears

posted on February 27 2017

When are you old enough to get your ears pierced?

Zulema gets her ears pierced, cultural differences in child accepted practices

Zulema, age 7, moments after getting her ears pierced, feeling very excited! 

It turns out people feel very differently about Piercing Ears depending on what culture they've grown up in. Mine were pierced pretty much at birth and my adult attachment to the earrings I wore as a baby is very sentimental. I lost them a long time ago, but am constantly on the lookout to replace them. Small turquoise beads in a textured gold setting, they had a certain understated elegance to them. In Latin American families we pierce really early on, traditionally to distinguish girls from boys. I also think it's a big part of our love for design, beautiful things and decorations.

I was surprised when a local publication, NI4Kids brought the subject up on their Facebook page and hundreds of people took to the comment section. Some even called it child abuse and mutilation, eek. For others, it's a right of passage, something they do on a special birthday, before Holy Communion or after the AQE a big test 11 years old take that determines what 'big' school they get into. How you feel about can be a real indication of our cultural differences.

In Northern Ireland where I live people are really divided on the subject. One mom observed the fact none of the 7 year olds in our class had pierced ears, she said this made us quite a Middle Class school. An insight into how ears pierced has some class associations. My daughter at seven is now the first in her class to have pierced ears. Dare I say she looks a little more mine, a very pale Irish looking girl the earring are a little nod to her latin american heritage.

I forewarned her that not everyone will think it's cool, some teachers or parents may give disapproving looks and that she should have something in mind to reply to them. She said she would tell them, "everyone is different". I thought that was a good reply. But no one was going to take her excitement away. Yesterday she danced and sang and looked in the mirror -a lot- and this morning she asked me to put her hair up so that she could show her friends. 

Makes you think that the choices we make can sometimes say something about us. So chose what you love, have fun dressing and presenting yourself in ways that make you happy. Even if it means sweats. Being comfortable in your own skin, loving the person who we are, is the single most important trait we can leave our children. 

Self esteem comes from the inside but playing with your look is a great exercise in fun and creativity. And it really is a way to try to tell the stories that are inside us. 

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