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Toddlers that Rock ♡ Gifts & Ideas Guide

posted on December 13 2016

Gifts for Toddlers Guide for Best Presents this Christmas

What to gift Toddlers that are into everything?

Aside from buckets of love, understanding and patience with a capital P, think of constructive toys that can help focus their new found energy. They are walking and running and all their senses are on fire. Give them toys that meet their love of peekaboo, encourage them to stack and sort, match colours and start counting. Play pretend, make up worlds and stories and use funny voices. 

One piece of advice is put yourself in their shoes, their attention span is focused and erratic so if you want them to listen to you, listen to them. They are trying to work something out, help them. Give them clear boundaries and you'll see them start to understand really hard concepts like sharing, tidying up and time. When you show them love, you'll see them fill up with pride. And when you show them patience, they will reward the world with kindness.

On that note, we organised a little gift guide with inspiring ideas for Toddlers this Christmas. Hope you like it... and Happy Christmas!



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