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Little Citizens Donates TOYS to Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children

posted on September 12 2016

Children's welfare is something very close to our hearts at Little Citizens, so when we were asked to donate toys to the Play Therapy department by the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children Ladies' League we were delighted.

Play therapy comes in many kinds of forms. Children need to develop fine and gross motor skills even while in hospital. Toys help them learn through play. But the Ladies League tell us that Play Specialists use toys to help children role play treatments that they are undergoing. With a doll they might show how it's going into an MRI scan and the doll must stay very still. And the child can walk through this exercise ask questions and practise what's about to happen. Making it less scary and a little easier to deal with.

Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children with Alicia Peyrano

We donated the wonderful Magna Tiles because all children love these, they are hard wearing and satisfying. From when you are two and you are matching shapes to much more elaborate play that engages children up to 10 or 12 year olds... they even engage adults! Chairwoman of Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children Barbara Moneypenny says, “these lovely toys (Magna Tiles) are particularly valuable for patients who benefit from play as therapy.”


Royal Hospital in Belfast for Sick Children Toys Donated by Little Citizens

SHOP for Magna Tiles here

Magna Tiles an open ended maths toys that lasts and entertains children of all ages while teaching them about building

Or SHOP the Ambi Toy range which we also donated like this amazing Toy Garage. Tested for 25 years and proven to be one of baby's favourites at my mother's daycare in Boston Yaya's Daycare.

Ambi Toys great for baby and toddler. Excellent quality for fun and learning.

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