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Toys are tools to access the joy inside children

posted on October 23 2016

Toys are Tools

Do you ever wonder what the purpose of toys are? How many toys does a child need? What are the essential toys for a child's development? Little Citizens takes a stab at answering these questions below.

Toys as tools that help a child’s development. By illustrating a concept, playing with an idea, tickling the senses, opening their mind to different ways of seeing the world we bond with kids through toys and play. We love to see their inner wonder and joy when together we discover a compelling story or a character with movement, with these little tools we create entire imaginary worlds where adult rules don't matter. Great toys make our heart beat and stimulate our curiosity.

Coming into the Christmas season, we're often talking with our customer about how to choose toys wisely, to remember that what you bring into your home will impact how the way your child reveals themselves to the world. 

Buy open ended toys that ask a child to contribute a part of themselves. When you are shopping remember the old 10% toy and 90% child. Licensed characters are fine in small doses but let your children to tell their own stories. Their own stories are just as important.

The imagination is a powerful muscle and if we don't use it, we start to lose it. Give your child the awesome survival skill that is a healthy imagination. 

Little ones know something about the universe that we don’t, that we may once have known and we forget with time. 

Guard that joy of curiosity. The wonder in a child. Protect it for as long as possible. It's a great tool that turns life into adventure.

Toys are tools that can access the joy within children

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