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We love Grandparents ❤ Gift Guide

posted on November 12 2016


What a nice way to include the older generation. Grandparents are the best. For one they brought you up! And as my dad likes to remind me cleaned our poo. Nothing makes you feel closer or more defined by and sometimes against them than having children of your own.

Grandparents are the people you turn to when you feel like you need a hand, advice and yes well babysitting. If they are close then brilliant what a great help. And what I like as a mother is watching my mother love my daughter, it fills me in a way nothing else can.

Here we've put together a guide for gifts from and to grandparents, because grandparents are the best gift givers, from practical contributions to the baby cot to money deposits into a saving account to a long wearing toy that is great for learning. Grandparents know a lot about what we don't know yet as new parents. So why not let them know how much you appreciate them with this wonderful Meri Meri card that exclaims, Promoted to Grandparents.

Grandparents Grandmother and Grandfather Gift Guide for shopping this Christmas

1. Lundby Dollhouse, from £92. 2. Tin Airplane, £20 3. Grandma's House and Butterfly House, from £12. 4. Knitting Kit by Moulin Roty, £39. 5. Grandparents Lundby Dollhouse Figurines, £18.50. 6. Promoted to Grandparents Greeting Card by Meri Meri, £4. 7. Gran Prix Grannies, £8.50 8. Popipop Teepee by Moulin Roty, £154. 9. Twist and Lock Puzzle, £1. 10. Wooden Acrobatic Monkey, £4. 11. Moulin Roty Kitchen, £140.

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