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What kind of PARENT ARE YOU?

posted on September 06 2017

what kind of parent are you?


Take our quiz to find out!!

1. Your 4 month old baby starts crying inconsolably, he's just eaten and he's been burped. So you 

a) lay them down in their cot and sing them a lullaby, it's nap time
b) play baby Einstein on your TV, it stops them from crying plus it's educational
c) put them back on the boob


2. Your baby is turning one, when you go to the park you 

a) have to hurry as you are on a shedule, you only have 20 minutes before it's lunchtime

b) love watching them on the play structures. "higher!" you yell because it's never too early to start training for the Olympics

c) hover over them the whole time, if they hurt themselves you'd never forgive yourself

3. Last night was a tough night, your cute 6 month old woke every 45 minutes. You are exhausted. Normally around this time she goes for a nap, so you 

a) put her down for a sleep while you bury your head in the pillow so you don't hear her crying and maybe she'll finally fall off to sleep

b) put baby in pram and go on a nice long walk, that usually gets her sleeping. Plus fresh air is good for her lungs

c) baby goes in sling because you don't believe in pushing baby away from you and you try to get the house clean, she likes spending time with you, you reason



Mostly a's - You've read Gina Ford?

Mostly b's - You've got Tiger Parent written all over you.

Mostly c's - You are an Attachment believer verging on Helicopter!

Various answers - Welcome to the club, most parents most of the time! 

Learn more about Parenting Styles in our A-Z Guide. 

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