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What to bring to Grandma & Grandpa's house for the weekend & what not to bring!

posted on September 13 2018

Weekend at the Grandparents

If you are lucky enough to have your mum and dad around and -even better- if they like having your children at their house then: take advantage!!

Drop them off for the weekend. Often. 

Grandma & Grandpa's House for the weekend

The benefits are immense. For one they raised you and look how you turned out.

But also your parents are from a much wiser generation. Growing up without technology means they have a more detained way at looking at the world. And this is something we must pass on to future generations. We have a big responsibility here, straddling the old world with the new. We'll be the ones weeding out what needs to carry on into the future. 

Chances are that when your parents play with your kids, they take their time. Their games are probably more intricate, their songs more picaresque and their stories are better for sure.

Of course this is a generalisation, not all grandparents were created equal. But there is so much to be said for the ones who raised us spending time with the ones we are raising.

They have infinite more patience and they may require infinite more patience from your kids. But this is gold. We'll tell you why in a moment. 

If you are dropping off the kids at your parents, resist the urge to pack a ipad. Pack a few good items that your parents know how to handle: a good book, a board game, some figurines and some stationery. That's about all they'll need. Our guide below will help with this.

Let the kids build their own relationship with their grandparents. And if they get bored? It's kind of a must! Bored is the best state to be. Do you remember needing to be patient when you were little because someone older than you needed more time? Do you remember what comes after boredom?


You know that feeling, that aha moment, when a new thought appears, it whisks in like a breeze and illuminates an idea: something you hadn't thought of before. How that stool could be your rocket ship. 

It's true. Kids need to be bored to learn to deal with their emotions. If your kid tells you, "I am bored". You could always say what my grandmother used to tell me, "If you are bored, then you are boring."

Boring or not, time with grandparents has a lasting impact. It shapes us and gives us things to pass on to our children and our grandchildren. Time with the grandparents makes us feel loved and looked after and like we are part of something bigger. 

Here's our guide on what toys to pack and why---when you are dropping the kids off at the grandparents for the weekend. 

1. Figurines

Like these dollhouse figurines are bendable and sit easily which means they can be put into lots of situations for the retelling of day to day stories. "Mary make space for me at the table so we can all play together."

Why: because grandparents are genius at pretend play and inventing stories

Grandma and Grandpa figurines by Djeco

2. A great book

Like this Pop & Me book. It's about a grandson and a grandad who spend the afternoon baking. The book comes with it's own recipe, hint hint!

Why: because reading together is a memory you will have forever

Pop & Me a book about grandson and grandad an afternoon of baking that includes a recipe!

3. Board Game

Like this super fun easy for all ages Jungle Board Game that teaches some basic logic, £15

Why: because the right game can keep everyone's attention for a full afternoon Jungle Logic board game

4. Stationery

Like this gorgeous Letter Writing Set designed by the amazing illustrator Melissa Castrillon, £7

Why: because who better to teach the find art of staying in touch through letter writing

Writing Stationery Set by Djeco




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