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What to watch with your kids? Screen time for kids and parents

posted on June 15 2017

5 Kick-ass Programmes that you AND your kids will love

I have always loved going to the movies, when I was little my dad would take me to late night cinema to watch films most people would think were a little too advanced in content. But I loved it! I remember at the age of 14, Cotton Club was my favourite movie.

It's hard to keep up the cinema habit when you become a mom. I mean are you really going to spend money on a babysitter to go to the movies when you could sit home and watch something on your sofa?

What happens when your kiddies want to watch something, what do you put on? What interesting movies from the kid's world would also entertain an adult and I don't mean in the typical double entendre way of Disney, one joke for them and one joke for adults.

There is so much crap television and movies for kids, high pitched shrill voices, base humour and storylines with no moral. So here's a little recommendation of better ways to spend screen time. Because there are some GREAT stories out there but you have to dig a little deeper to find them. 



A Cat in Paris

A Cat in Paris (Une vie de chat) by Sidney_Tucker

This Oscar nominated French film is gorgeously animated, very cartoon noir with out being too frightening. Its aimed at 7-10 years olds and has a sophisticated storyline that has kids feeling a range of emotions. Watching a noir suspense film that entertains young and old makes this a great film to sink your teeth into. The best bit, in my opinion, is the beautiful Parisian skyline shown throughout the film. You can read reviews here and here. Plus 


This cartoon is narrated and produced by none other than Sir David Attenborough, the national Grandad of UK and wildlife programme watchers everywhere!  This animated adventure is aimed at toddlers, which is great for any parents who is a fan of Life or Plant Earth (remember the snake and iguana chase scene, that was so good). Throughout the series the cartoon version of Sir David visits some of the most amazing animals he has encountered in his 70 year career going back as far as 1956 when he encountered Kimono Dragons. My daughter was over the moon when she found out dragons were real! 


This is great film about ambition and determination for young audiences. The film shows a young boys passion for flight and his challenge in competing in the World Paper Plane Championships in Japan. It is directed and co-written by Robert Connolly who wanted to create a movie to show children they can be their own hero. It's a great movie to teach children the different range of emotions they will have when trying to succeed in life. Plus it shows children that not everywhere looks and feels like home. My daughter month's later told me not everyone has a front door mummy. Some people live in houses without a front door. And I was like where did you learn that? And she said Paper Planes.


Wow! Heres a film with a style of animation that has really reeled me in. It uses beautiful artwork, amazing characters and ancient Irish folk tales and magic. The music and the art will absolutely captivate you. Its a a tale of sibling rivalry, family and mythology and great for children of all ages. My three year old loved it! And my colleagues seven year old calls it her favourite movie of all time.



This is a film that has a score to be remembered. Apart from the gorgeous stop motion animation, the music really helps you feel the emotions of the film. It is slight dark and occasionally scary, but there is also humour love and inspiration. Recommended from kids 8 and up. 


One of our favourite toy designers Marc Boutavant (see his toys here) also made this TV series called Mouk. It is genius. Mouk and Chavapa, are two globetrotters cycling around the world. Did I mention they are adorable? And the illustration style is beautiful? Each episode takes place in a different country or city and Boutavant's style brings each place and unique cultural quirks to life. We love that they Skype their friends back at home to tell them what is going on. This is a nice way of normalising the distance we feel from family that live far away. 

Its aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers and  promotes cultural diversity. Its a great programme that exposes kids to the world's cultural and geographical diversity. Each episode takes them to a different place where they experience local customs. My daughter loves this program and always asks if we can go to the places Mouk goes. What more could we want as parents than to see children's curiosity develop about the world we live in.


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