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Win £250 ($330) ❤ Enter our Play Photo Contest

posted on July 07 2016

Summer is for pLAyiN g

We're so excited that kid's get off of school and get to use their amazing imagination to create, build and play. Free, unstructured environments benefit kids so much. We've talked about the scientific studies that back this up here and here.

As parents we take photos trying to freeze those moments when we catch them deep in play. Now we want to see your pictures! PLEASE enter our Contest for a chance to win £250 ($330) gift voucher. Or if you are a little shy, vote for your favourite photo and share with your friends. It's all to celebrate #playfulcitizens

Enter our Play Photo Contest and WIN £250 ($330) Gift Voucher

Post a photo of your kids at play for the chance to win £250 to spend in our store. 

Closing date is Sunday 31st July at 12 Midnight GMT. The sooner you enter the more chances you have of winning! Yes family votes count ;-)


1. Submit a photo

2. Vote

3. Share to get more votes

4. Like our Facebook page

Good luck!


*please note currency fluctuations will be equivalent to £250 amount of the day of disbursement*


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  • Alicia: July 22, 2016

    Dear Carrie, thank you so much for your honest feedback!
    I completely sympathise, I hate to feel like I am spamming my friends asking for votes. We will definitely hold another contest soon and will look into other ways of judging so that it becomes more of a level playing field. Still I urge you to enter because the generous streak in us thinks participants might get a special treat, just for entering! PLUS we’d love to see your photos :-)

  • Carrie: July 08, 2016

    I would have loved to enter mine for this, its a fab giveaway, but sadly, as this is a voting contest, I think I shall pass. :-( I have seen way too many people buying votes, (there are actual websites for this too) spamming up everyones facebook sharing their picture a million times, and because I won’t do that to my fb friends, I won’t ever win lol. So many people think voting contests are a bad idea, as there could be someone with a huge following, who will get everyone voting, and yet the nicest picture could belong to someone who has barely anyone on their friends list. I hope this competition goes well, but I have seen way too many of these get ugly . xxxxx

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