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We discover the secret to perfectly developed children and family/work life balance. Well no not really. We just have a good time trying and making friends.

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  • New Vilac for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

    New Vilac Toys in Store Now

    Toys are a way of introducing our culture to children. Through toys we tell stories about the world we live in. That's why at Little Citizens we believe in passing on the best parts of our past to the future....

    posted on April 02 2019

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  • Rainbow Bridge - When You have to say Goodbye to a Beloved Pet

    Losing someone close to you is so very difficult and quite often it is hard for parents to explain to children, in the midst of their own emotional upheaval, how do we communicate what happened and where did they go? Any...

    posted on April 02 2019

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  • get ready for easter sale

    Get ready for Easter, order treats in our special SALE

    Chocolate and sweets aren't the only treats kids love. Little gifts like puzzles, stickers and games are just as magic and a tad healthier. And we'll let you in on a little secret. Time with you, that's their favourite thing of...

    posted on March 30 2019

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  • Spring Scavenger Hunt Free Download for Families

    Spring Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

    Download our Spring Scavenger Hunt printout and take the kids out for a walk. Tick off each item as you see it. And if you see rubbish pick it up and place in bin! A scavenger hunt gives you and...

    posted on March 30 2019

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  • Happy Mothers Day from Little Citizens to you!

    Thankful for mamas and papas with this beautiful poem

    When is the last time you picked up a book about poetry? With Mother's Day here in the UK just around the corner, we started thinking about how to express what motherhood means both as mums and daughters. We know...

    posted on March 28 2019

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  • Gifts to say thanks on mother and grandmother's day

    Mother's Day is right around the corner so we at Little Citizens Boutique have asked our members of staff, who are also Mamas, to pick some of their favourite items. Everything included is available to buy in store and online...

    posted on March 28 2019

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  • Siaomimi Peas & Queues Moonkids Kids Clothes Online Sale Designer


    Hard to find, super cool and comfy clothes for kids now online!

    Brands with craftsmanship and comfort, that you'll find only at the most chichi department stores like Harrods, Fenwicks and Barneys available on sale at Little Citizens.  New online is our exclusive line of clothes. Genius designers like Siaomimi by Hilda Yim...

    posted on March 19 2019

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  • Celebrating all things Irish-- Emerald Isle St Patricks Day

    Little Citizens is in Ireland after all - Happy St Patricks Day!

    The term luck of the Irish comes from the gold and silver rush years when Irish treasure hunters struck mining riches. There is something a little bit magical about Ireland. A visiting friend once felt it as a vortex of energies. The...

    posted on March 16 2019

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  • Storytime at Little Citizens every Friday at 10:30AMStorytime at Little Citizens every Friday at 10:30am for pre-school children

    Storytime Fridays 10:30AM - Bring your littlies or tune into IG

    Announcing our new Storytime every Friday morning at 10:30am Hope to see you there! And if you aren't local make sure to tune in on Instagram where we will broadcast live. Come join us for a shared story. We'll pick...

    posted on March 12 2019

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  • Booktrust Conference tells us kids need to have sustained time listening

    The UK's BookTrust Research into Oracy Tells us we Need to Develop Listening as well as Reading in Kids

    Illustration by Erica Draws The BookTrust is an amazing organisation here in the UK. Each year they reach 3.5 million children with free books, resources and support. Their mission is to instil a love for reading in the next generation. They...

    posted on March 12 2019

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  • helping your kids with test anxiety

    Calm your Child's Nerves before a Test

    From the wonderful team at Great Schools Org comes this short video on a couple of techniques to help your child with test anxiety. The first exercise talks about writing out your subconscious, all your thoughts, test, school related and...

    posted on March 11 2019

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  • Engaging Reluctant Readers with Books they will Love

    Recent studies saw that children who's parents took the time to read for pleasure with them were much less likely to manifest behavioural problems like aggression, hyperactivity and difficulty with attention. In fact the benefits are so well documented that even...

    posted on March 10 2019

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  • Custom made pre-filled party bags ready to go birthdays, weddings, travel

    Super Cool Party Bags Sealed and Delivered to make Life Easy

    Pre-order Party Bags - Make Life Easy   Life can be hectic, between work, laundry, homework, dinners and general life maintenance we're torn between looking after ourselves and looking after others. I know I'm always weighing up give them the...

    posted on March 07 2019

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  • Space Travel Astronaut Toys for Children's Exploration

    What will Space Travel be like when they grow up?

    Space travel is an age old favourite for kiddies. And why wouldn't it be? A mystic place with sparkling stars, amazing planets and super human astronauts that get to go in rockets...too cool.  From the day that they are born,...

    posted on February 28 2019

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  • NASCIMENTOISABELLA daniela justus birth photography

    The Moment We are Born in all it's Glory

    Birth Photography Contest is an Amazing Window into the Miracle of Life Birth stories are fascinating. If ever a lull at a dinner party, we highly recommend it. Okay we'll leave that one with you. Labour is personal and different for...

    posted on February 21 2019

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