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We discover the secret to perfectly developed children and family/work life balance. Well no not really. We just have a good time trying and making friends.

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    Store Profile in Apartment Therapy

    The interiors bible that is Apartment Therapy published a Store Profile on us. It was so wonderful to be interviewed by the bloggers that I admire so much, check it out! Always inspiring (omg the house tours) with approachable down to earth...

    posted on February 04 2013

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  • Winter plans for spring garden

    No doubt most of us in the Northern hemisphere are fed up with the dark dreary days of winter. So I am starting to give spring some thought... maybe it's a good time to start planting. I just found this...

    posted on January 29 2013

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  • How to organise Books!

    I've been looking for a way to organise Zulema's books. She has piles of them, many, many, many hand me downs plus the ones I just cannot resist like Around the World with Mouk. Here is a genius solution by the...

    posted on January 29 2013

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  • Sheerluxe Awards 2012

      We beat out Harrods and Hamley's in Sheerluxe's Online Shopping Awards.  

    posted on January 22 2013

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  • MEET the DESIGNER - Kayce Hughes

      Designer and mother Kayce Hughes juggles her children and women's clothing line along with her seven children. Reagan 19, Charlotte 17, Sophie 15, Owen 13, Clare 11, Audrey 9 and Olivia 7. She says, "Yes we have seven, yes I...

    posted on January 14 2013

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  • What makes a good toy?

      What makes a good toy? Kids will play with it again and again Two things that every new parent can count on are 1. plastic and 2. noise. I wonder why so many people think that children want to...

    posted on November 22 2012

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  • Toys that Inspire Play

    Wanted to share with you a little toy that Zulema has loved playing with. It's a clay modelling kit that includes cardboard pieces. You plug these into the clay and build realistic cowboys, cowgirls and indians riding on their horses,...

    posted on November 13 2012

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  • MEET the DESIGNER - Hello Shiso

    We'd like to introduce you to Mimi Tsang the creative behind Hello Shiso's fabulous accessories for mother's and daughters. "I have yet to meet a kid who wants to accessorize in greys and beiges!" Introducing Mimi Tsang of Hello Shiso...

    posted on October 26 2012

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  • Announcing Free Shipping Worldwide

    Remember when you had to wait a week to get your photos processed, it was so exciting. Now all you hear is click, let me see!  Luckily the advent of online shopping has brought with it some of that retro...

    posted on October 12 2012

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  • Fall fashion to keep you toasty!

    Is it fair to call Fall the best Fashion season of them all? It's the perfect time of year to layer before you have to cover up, and that means an opportunity for loads of texture and colour. And we...

    posted on October 02 2012

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  • Love it and pass it on!

    Thank you mum for saving my baby clothes. There is no greater pleasure than dressing your babies and dressing them in your old clothes is sweeter than the sun blasting straight into your heart.

    posted on September 13 2012

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    Since we always hear, why can't they make cute clothes for boys? Here are some VERY cute Back to school outfits for boys. You're welcome.

    posted on August 23 2012

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  • Dis Une Couleur in Belfast

    Nothing makes you feel like dancing more than a perfect new dress.  

    posted on August 23 2012

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  • Hello Shiso & Coqenpate MIBO arrive in store!

    Bonjour, Allo, Hello! Little Citizens is just over two months, we've been around only for a short while but we're growing and so excited to see some great new brands coming in.  Drum rolls please, introducing some great new gear to...

    posted on August 20 2012

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  • This is where those of us who love children can come to imbibe all the wonderful little details we observe about their world. Like what song makes them dance, their favourite toy, the best tricks for dinner at restaurants and the most amazing research and studies done in the field of child development. Please feel free to share your ideas or something curious you recently stumbled on. Very much looking forward to getting the conversation going.

    The world of little citizens has always fascinated me, but never more so than when my baby was born. It felt like the world turned a page, suddenly everywhere I went people wanted to talk to me. The old woman in the post office who had never shared a smile before was overcome with joy when she saw me pushing a buggy with my baby of only a few weeks old.

    Welcome to the club
    Mothers and fathers everywhere looked at me in a new way. It was a wink wink nudge nudge kind of look. And it was mystifying, I felt like there was more solidarity on planet earth than I had ever known. The all-knowing look which I quickly adopted seemed to sum up, “I know how exhausted and exhilarated you are. Don't worry, you’re not alone”
    The most wonderful thing about becoming a mum, aside from, well, becoming a mum; was making new friends and the feeling of belonging to a secret age-old society: the hair standing on end, frazzled, adoring parent set.

    Feeding time became thinking time
    Suddenly I found myself with baby on boob in the middle of the night with a million questions on my mind. And for the first time with five or, was it six? forty minute feeding sessions a day. And I don’t know how breastfeeding while walking works for some, but certainly for me that was a lot of sedentary time, sitting like I had never sat before. So what did I start to do? I managed pure unadulterated baby gossip the kind only a newborn mummy or possibly a really good grand mummy can understand.

    A desire for a community of mummies online was born
    This is the place where this website was born. I want to create a place online where like and unlike-minded people can come to discuss and pour over all things about parenthood. To share the funny, ridiculous and emotional rollercoaster of it all with people who care to listen. But most of all, to share the advice that has worked for you or against you and post tips that offer a moment of respite and solidarity for families around the world. Please feel included and drop us a line. 

    Welcome to the Club


    posted on May 16 2012

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