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We discover the secret to perfectly developed children and family/work life balance. Well no not really. We just have a good time trying and making friends.

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  • Shop New Meri Meri for presents for baby, birthdays and parties

    Get in my basket * New Meri Meri

    1. Unicorn Ombre Glitter Necklace: £9.00 | 2. Dog in a Hoop Necklace: £9.00 | 3. Ruby Doll Necklace: £17.50 | 4. Matilda Doll Necklace: £17.50 | 5. Lila Doll Necklace: £17.50 | 6. Cherry Surprise Balls: £10.00 | 7. Pineapple Surprise Balls: £10.00 | 8. Sam's House Mini Astronaut Suitcase: £27.50 | 9. Banana Rattle:...

    posted on February 21 2019

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  • kids learn by watching their parents

    Are you curious about the development stages that your child is going through?

    Here is an easy way to follow your child's progress & get tips to apply to their different stages As a parent I have been hand held by the amazing emails from Baby Center. Confirming or questioning the different things...

    posted on February 07 2019

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  • From little popup to bigger idea and toy store help us grow!

    Help Little Citizens grow ❤ fill in our survey!

    Nearly seven years in the business and we're excited to keep growing. Question is in what direction. We would love your help, please let us know what you think by filling in this survey. Loading...          ...

    posted on February 05 2019

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  • Valentine Presents edit by Little Citizens

    Will you be my Valentine Present?

    Many years ago, I thought Valentines Day was for Hallmark, that ubiquitous saccharine sweet greeting card maker from the US that went on to take over the world. I liked to make my own cards you see.  But call me sentimental...

    posted on February 05 2019

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  • Heart Mandala Art Activity for Valentines Day

    An interactive Heart Drawing Activity for your Valentine ❤

    Back and forth Heart Mandala This super easy interactive art project is great to do en famille and close to Valentine's day. After all it's all about hearts and appreciating the love we share. It's so easy to do while...

    posted on February 05 2019

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  • Curious PARENTING Weekly Digest VII

     THINGS TO DISCUSS OVER SPILLED MILK  Parenting articles to inform, inspire and make you laugh   1. A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley Technologists know how phones really work, and many have decided they don’t...

    posted on January 22 2019

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  • Best Teacher in the World Claims Art is Most Important

    The World's Best Teacher Tells the World Art Matters

    LCB Creativity Award Winner Andria Zafirakou with her students from Alperton Community School. We made an amazing discovery this morning-- there is a $1 million prize for the World's Best Teacher. Isn't that terrific? Don't teachers deserve amazingly big prizes like this...

    posted on January 22 2019

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  • Baby on Aden Anais Swaddle Tummy Time doesn't want to sleep

    Gifted children need less sleep claim scientists

    We ran this article on our Facebook feed and it was the single most popular post that we have ever had with over 100,000 people relating to the post in some way. It's a big claim, could interrupted sleep mean...

    posted on January 18 2019

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  • Perfect Gift for Grandparents as made by Erin Stokes, Age 12

    This amazing video was created by Erin Stokes aged 12. Erin is the daughter of Nanno who is part of the LCB team, but the super cool thing is that Erin thought up this concept and initiated this lovely video without...

    posted on December 04 2018

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  • the luggy by olli ella at little citizens

    Oprah's Favourite Thing and More by Olli Ella now in store!!

    Named one of Oprah's Favourite Things in 2018 for "jet-setters with little legs" is the See-ya suitcase. A gorgeous thing to travel with an not just on a short haul. This retro looking suitcase on wheels is reminiscent of old trunks...

    posted on November 28 2018

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  • New Meri Meri accessories, toys, decorations for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

    'Tis the Season for New Meri Meri in store now

    This Giant Alligator (£92) is 100 cm, taller than most school kids! Scary looking but with a heart of gold, he'll look after your little one. We love his generous size and how he makes the best pillow in the...

    posted on November 28 2018

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  • Tech Toys STEAM STEM for kids

    Genius Tech Toys for Fun & Learning

    Prepare your kids with the Tech Will Save Us STEM toy range So what if we have technological advances? So long as we don't understand them they're no good to us. The next generation is in line to give tech...

    posted on November 21 2018

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  • stocking fillers for under a tenner

    20 Stocking Fillers for Under a TENNER!

    A Roundup of the Best Stocking Fillers ever Finding stocking fillers can sometimes leave you frazzled, all that hard work, time and research, but we are here to solve all of your problems!! Following on from our big ticket item gift...

    posted on November 18 2018

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  • 10 Biggie Presents for Christmas 2018

    Be the Top Gift Giver this Christmas

    10 BIGGIE PRESENTS FOR THIS CHRISTMAS In 6 weeks time it's CHRISTMAS DAY! Exciting eh? No doubt the best pressies are bought, wrapped, ready and waiting for the big day!!   Wha?! You might have a rough idea of what you're...

    posted on November 14 2018

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  • La Fille Mal Gardée Ballet at the Grand Opera House

    A Weeknight at the Ballet with my Daughter

    What an amazing feeling to share something you love with a child you love and on a weeknight even. Cheeky. So she didn't finish all her homework and went to bed way past her bedtime, these are the moments we...

    posted on November 09 2018

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