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We discover the secret to perfectly developed children and family/work life balance. Well no not really. We just have a good time trying and making friends.

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  • New Meri Meri accessories, toys, decorations for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

    'Tis the Season for New Meri Meri in store now

    This Giant Alligator (£92) is 100 cm, taller than most school kids! Scary looking but with a heart of gold, he'll look after your little one. We love his generous size and how he makes the best pillow in the...

    posted on November 28 2018

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  • Tech Toys STEAM STEM for kids

    Genius Tech Toys for Fun & Learning

    Prepare your kids with the Tech Will Save Us STEM toy range So what if we have technological advances? So long as we don't understand them they're no good to us. The next generation is in line to give tech...

    posted on November 21 2018

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  • stocking fillers for under a tenner

    20 Stocking Fillers for Under a TENNER!

    A Roundup of the Best Stocking Fillers ever Finding stocking fillers can sometimes leave you frazzled, all that hard work, time and research, but we are here to solve all of your problems!! Following on from our big ticket item gift...

    posted on November 18 2018

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  • 10 Biggie Presents for Christmas 2018

    Be the Top Gift Giver this Christmas

    10 BIGGIE PRESENTS FOR THIS CHRISTMAS In 6 weeks time it's CHRISTMAS DAY! Exciting eh? No doubt the best pressies are bought, wrapped, ready and waiting for the big day!!   Wha?! You might have a rough idea of what you're...

    posted on November 14 2018

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  • La Fille Mal Gardée Ballet at the Grand Opera House

    A Weeknight at the Ballet with my Daughter

    What an amazing feeling to share something you love with a child you love and on a weeknight even. Cheeky. So she didn't finish all her homework and went to bed way past her bedtime, these are the moments we...

    posted on November 09 2018

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  • waytoplay flexible motorway consisting of 24 easy-to-connect parts

    How to create the most amazing play landscapes

    Create the most amazing play landscapes with this flexible motorway by waytoplay. Road puzzle pieces can be combined in a multitude of ways. Leave it to kids to think up designs you never imagined. In the bathtub, through the leaves,...

    posted on November 09 2018

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  • Christmas toy, gifts, party supplies, best cards and books for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

    Christmas Boutique Now Open ★ May the glitzy epoch begin ★

    Today is the seasonal opening of our Christmas Boutique opens! Hurrah, we are gushing over all the new gorgeous bits in store and more AND more are coming our way soon. We hope you enjoy a little perusal.  Ridiculously great...

    posted on November 03 2018

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  • Top 10 Elf Approved Toys for Christmas 2018

    Top 10 Elf Approved Toys for Christmas 2018

    The glitzy season et arrivé! Here at Little Citizens Boutique we are super excited because this is our jam. Our specialty is toys that are beautiful and smart and that everyone absolutely loves to see under their Christmas trees.  Presenting our Top...

    posted on November 02 2018

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  • Five Year Old Birthday Gift Guide

    Five Year Old Gift Guide

    What to buy a Five Year Old? Get to know what's going on in a child's development    Bring out the best in your little one with our Five Year Old Gift Guide Matching the right toys to the development stage of...

    posted on October 24 2018

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  • Watch the best videos of kids in Slime and Gel Baths

    Imagine swimming in slime or having a bath in gel? Euuuughhhh!!! Yes AND cooooooool!!! This sensory immersion adventure is something that your kids will love. And if you can't picture it, we have compiled some of the cutest kids testing...

    posted on October 20 2018

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  • Win a Grimm's Rainbow, Little Citizens Boutique is giving away one of these bestsellers to a lucky winner.

    Enter to win a Grimm's Rainbow, be a lucky winner!

    Enter our Giveaway for a chance to win this perennially sold out toy: The Grimm's Rainbow. This bestseller is genius in it's simplicity and offers years of play from an ethical company. To enter head over to our Facebook page: 1)...

    posted on October 14 2018

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  • New Toys by Vilac have just arrived in store

    Vilac's New Collection of Toys

    This collection of heritage toys by Vilac will blow your mind. Recently I said to my daughter as she helped me pack for a weekend away, less is more. Quick as a whip she replied, so more is less? I...

    posted on October 13 2018

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  • Lottie Dolls friends twins pink girls fun for sale on Little Citizens

    Lottie Dolls in the Shape of Kids

    The new Lottie Doll collection reminds us of the versatility of dolls. From role playing the everyday, masticating on what happened, how does that make us feel to going on adventures if spirit and imagination, Lottie and friends are full of...

    posted on October 10 2018

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  • Swimming in Zimpli Kids Gel Baff

    Bizarre Toy Alert! Bath in Slime or Gel

    You’ll never guess what she’s swimming in?!!!! This is a new product at LCB, a gel bath by Zimpli Kids and we just had to try it. Zulema was over the moon like almost as good as going to the...

    posted on October 08 2018

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  • Four Year Old Birthday Gift Guide

    Four Year Old Gift Guide

    Get to know what's going on in your child's development  Bring out the best in your little one with our Four Year Old Gift Guide Matching the right toys to the development stage of a four year old is no...

    posted on October 02 2018

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