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Twelve Gifts of Christmas

Little Citizens Boutique


Let us select six amazing book titles and six delightful gifts especially for your family.

One for you to open each day of Christmas. Each book will come wrapped in charming newspaper and ribbon. Each gift will also come wrapped. Making this a real treat for the whole family. 

Send a note along with your order describing the ages of your children, we'll curate a collection especially for you. 

We have the most amazing illustrators and authors on our bookshelves and we would absolutely love to share this with you. Books that are illustrated in a way that the pictures add to the words on the page. The stories have meanings and lessons and will open our hearts and make us feel things, from crying to laughing, to learning to taking us to places in our imagination. Prepare to travel while sitting down. Snuggly preferably next to your little one, beside the fire. 

And our little gifts will be chosen from our large selection of pocket money toys. 

Books and Gifts will range in genre and price and will always amount to £50 or over.  

Unfortunately no discounts can be applied to this special order. 

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