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Large Surprise Party Bag Hand Picked by Little Citizens

Little Citizens Boutique


Let us customise fabulous goody bags for your kids party, weddings or to keep the little ones busy during long flights or car journeys. You and the little ones will be amazed with this little bag of toys that captivate their imagination.
We're not giving it away but to give you a sense of what might be inside, check out our Under £5 Toy section. We'll pick a smart variety of toys that compliment each other and are sure to entertain and dee-lite!!
The feedback has been so great! Kids, their parents, their grandparents, the waiters, stewards and friends they meet along the way all love the collection of toys we provide. It turns out we’re professionals and pretty good at this. 
We’re happy to meet your children's age or any special requirements, just send us a little note with your order. Please note unless otherwise stated, the bags are pre-filled, closed and sealed with a sticker. Means all you have to do is pass them out and have a merry party!
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