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Large Sparkling Mandala Wooden Puzzle by Grimm's


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This intricate Sparkling Mandala Wooden Puzzle by Grimm's is a work of art. And we really are not exaggerating. It's a toy, it's a piece that would look amazing on any coffee table, upscale office reception, chalet... with it comes so many aspirations. But when you sink into this game, all of that falls by the wayside. And like Grimm's says, "the path becomes the aim" Like a zen garden, this mandala puzzle allows you to simply play. There is no right or wrong way but once you move a piece the creativity inside you will be making shapes, drawing patterns and resting the mind. 

There are 76 pieces in the circular wooden frame. All made out of lime wood and acrylic glitter stones, non-toxic water based colour stain/non-toxic plant based oil finish.

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