Little Citizens Boutique

We have been framed by criminal businesses using the Shopify platform. Fake companies tell customers that their order (usually a chicken coop, fridge, cabinets or TVs) was charged by Little Citizens Boutique. Hundreds of people are contacting us for an update on their order. We do not sell these items and we have not taken payment, we are a legitimate Toy & Children's store. If you are a victim of this fraud please report it to your bank/credit card company. We're asking Shopify to help us stop this but so far they have ignored our emails and brushed us off with questions to our questions. Shopify could look up what company using their platform has listed Little Citizens Boutique as the name on the charge. They would then be able to identify who these criminals are with the security information they used to sign up to the platform in the first place. It's that simple and yet they don't seem to want to help. After 8 years on the Shopify platform this is very upsetting because it has caused a lot of unfair damage to our business. Shopify take a percentage of everything we (and the fraud stores) sell and we pay them a monthly fee. We believe they should do everything they can to stop our name being used by other businesses on Shopify. We are temporarily closing our business to protest Shopify's shoddy business ethics and try to stand up for the reputation of our business as well as hundreds of people who have been defrauded (each one somewhere between $93-$439)