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A Lion in Paris Book

TATE Publishing


Did you know the call for Paris can even be heard in the wild? This Lion certainly heard it when he decided to leave the savannah and head to the big city. 

Although when he gets there, he's slightly disappointed that he doesn't cause the sensation he feels he merits. So he tries to scare people, to no avail, by roaring at them. Despite feeling ignored, one small experience at a time, the city starts to grow on him. He begins to feel like it's smiling at him and when he comes across an empty plinth. He decides to stay there. SO that is how they get there!

This award winning book is beautifully illustrated, each of it's large pages feels like an immense art work to be poured over. There is collage and pencil and the perspective of each scene, laid out like a landscape is incredibly unique. 

No wonder the author and illustrator Beatrice Alemagna has been so widely recognised. Hats off to her for creating such a magical and mesmerising story, the kind that will stay with your child for the rest of their lives. 

Published in English in 2014. Originally published in French in 2006.

Measure 28 cm (11 inches) x 38 cm (15 inches)

ABOUT the designer

Part of this Art powerhouse is TATE Publishing, considered by one of the world’s leading publishers on the visual arts. They aim to bring the best new writing on art and the highest quality reproductions to the widest possible range of readers.




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