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A Possum's Tail Book

TATE Publishing


A quintessentially British book about London-- Little Samuel Drew and his pull along dog are on a mission to cross London and visit the possums at the London Zoo. Disappointed that the possums are asleep, Samuel turns around and heads back through the crowded streets of London. Unknowingly the possums are now following him! We won't tell you the ending but there is a picnic involved and flying balloons. Luckily it all ends well in this colourful and charming story. Told in rhyming verse, it's a fun book to read.


"A Possum’s Tail is a humourous caper that beautifully illustrates the richness of cosmopolitan London" Tate Publishing.

Gabby Dawnay is a writer and artist whose work includes script-writing children’s television series for the BBC, and PR and marketing for the increasingly popular children’s magazine Okido.

Alex Barrow is a London-based illustrator. Alex is a regular contributor and creative producer for Okido children’s magazine. This is his first book for children. 

Published in 2014. 22 pages.

Measures 22.8cm (9 inches) x 29cm (11.4 inches)

ABOUT the designer

Tom Schamp is an award winning Belgian illustrator whose very distinctive style of work his highly sought after internationally.  This is his first book published in English although he has previously published 20 children's books and worked on album covers, calenders, posters, stamps, toys, newspapers and magazines.

Part of this Art powerhouse is TATE Publishing, considered by one of the world’s leading publishers on the visual arts. They aim to bring the best new writing on art and the highest quality reproductions to the widest possible range of readers.




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