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Bibichou Teddy Baby Doll by Petitcollin



Beautiful boy baby doll "Bibichou" by Sylvia Natterer in dark brown vinyl, 35cm in length.

Teddy is all vinyl and has been beautifully modelled with a gorgeous baby face, round tummy and mobile limbs. The vinyl has a slight scent, like a baby. Bibichou Teddy, like all of Sylvia's dolls has painted eyes, and his are brown, and he has moulded and painted brown hair. He wears a gorgeous blue patterned sunhat with matching swim nappy, a lime green t-shirt and a white jacket with co-ordinating blue patterned tie fastening. Inside the box is a fleece blanket to keep him warm.

Lovely use of a Bibichou baby doll box, is as a bed. It is made of sturdy cardboard, decorated nicely and comes with four wooden legs to attach to the box, using the sticky pads provided.

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