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Christmas Honeycomb Parade - Omm Design

Omm Design


Hold your horses, the best Christmas decoration have just rolled into town. 

Decorations? Maybe. Objects of art? Definitely. We love how versatile these charming baubles are. They come with a string through them and can be hung up. On your Christmas tree for example. They can be made three dimensional or kept in two dimensions, so you can attach the to a surface. Cutest gift decoration ever. We've also taped them onto a wall in our shop. However you want to show them off they add a touch of glee to your surroundings. 

Packet contains five decorations in all: Gingerbread Man, an Angel, Santa, a Snowman or woman and a green Elf. Of course!

ABOUT the designer

Omm Design are a Swedish company. They are makers of a unique collection of design items and distributors of design brands from all over the world. Designed by the genius hand of illustrator Ingela Arrius. 

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