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Balance Bike for 1-5 year olds - Alphabet Limited Edition

Wishbone Design


Unlike other bikes, this wooden bike will last for at least 4 years! It modifies itself to cater for different age groups of cycling abilities. With its unique three-way adjustability, you can start on it as young as 12 months. At this stage the tricycle setting is perfect, the three wheels help babies learn to walk as they discover they can push with their feet and glide. Later, convert it to two wheels and learn to balance. Kids walk with the bike in between their legs, resting their bum and before they know it they lift their feet to enjoy a little glide. Finally, raise the seat and flip the frame to transform it into a ride-on bike.
Kids then move on to bikes without the need for training wheels. Wishbones birch-wood sustainably designed easy rider is a conversation piece and kids love it. 
Please note this item can only be shipped to Ireland and United Kingdom.
3.8kg / 8.4lb
5.4kg / 12lb
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