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Gael Reversible Top, Bottom & Braces - Grey

Le Toit De La Lune

£38.00 £52.00


ABOUT the product

We love modular clothing. This little quilted outfit is so practical it's actually two items of clothing: top and bottom with braces that can be worn separately or together. Each item is reversible so there are many ways to update the look. We're especially fond of the the criss crossed braces look, it's so comfy not to have anything pressing around your baby's midriff while keeping your little bundle warm and safe. Made out of gorgeous organic cotton, it's great to know you are being gentle on your baby's delicate skin. 

Designed in Paris and made out of Organic cotton in Portugal.

ABOUT the designer

Designer Marie-Line Delmas' Le Toit De La Lune is based in Paris and you can tell. Her baby line is something you would see on a gorgeous baby on the streets of this capital of style. It's also reminiscent of a Japanese sensibility in its generous cut, fit and proportion. Marie-Line picks an interesting palette of colours and the gentlest of fabrics, all organic to work with. Baby fashion just right. 


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