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Garden Wooden Croquet Set by Vilac



This proper wooden Croquet set by Vilac is gorgeous. Spit spot chop chop! Better put the Pimms on hold old chap because this summer the little ones can play too. We've all got to start somewhere and this set makes it easy for little ones to give hand eye coordination a good go as well as have a great laugh. All the bits come in a totally spiffing bag so you won't lose any and it's easy to carry to the park, a friends house or to a Barbecue!

Bag length 90cm, mallet length 80cm

Six wooden mallets painted in glorious colourful handles , six balls and all the hoops and posts needed to do battle!

ABOUT the designers

French toy company Vilac has been making wooden toys in classic, old-world style with contemporary colors and designs since 1911. Vilac toys are unique, never go out of fashion and have lasting appeal for all generations. Vilac nourishes children's imaginative play with animated, joyful characters and reinterpretations of classic toys that will stand up to wear and tear.

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