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Electric Dough STEM Toy by Tech Will Save Us

Tech Will Save Us


Plasticine, play dough, polymer clay whatever your material of choice, just got a whole lot funner! With this clever electric kit STEM toy, you can add led lights and buzzers to your creations. Attach the led's and the buzzers to the electric board and battery pack and watch your sculpture come alive with a whole new dimension. The future is looking pretty interesting. We love how this gives parents an opportunity to teach and learn for themselves too. Can't say I'd come across many electrical circuits outside of the potato in science class. For ideas of what cool non-potato things to make and how to help your kids you can scan Tech Will Save Us's amazing arsenal of well, ideas!

It comes with a battery pack, you'll need to add 4 AA's, a bundle of crocodile leads and jumper wires, a buzzer, two tit switches, 10 red LEDs and 10 green ones. Recommended for kids 4 and up.

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