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Fire Station Play World Set by Janod


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Wooden Fire Station Set by Janod. Nee-nu, nee-nu, nee-nu... the fire fighters are coming. Brave firemen slide down a pole, onto their truck and race to the emergency to contain the fire. Kids will love to play with the truck and ladder, saving people from harm, flying the helicopter and pretend spraying water on the burning buildings. The set even comes with a fire hydrant and a dog to pee on it. Great for imaginary play, stimulating your child's ability to be creative and entertain themselves while ehem, saving the day,
Comes in a gorgeous sturdy box which helps keep toys organised. And means it would make an excellent gift for a darling nephew for example, especially if the parents have asked you for no more noisy toys! Part of Janod's new line of wooden Play World's. Also available are Farm, Circus and Giant Saloon Play Worlds. Age guide: from 3-8 years.
There is something so immediately disarming about the Play Worlds. Like you've seen them before, they are retro in the best of way, representing all the happiness of play when you were a child. Simple but decadently designed, they bring different worlds to life.
ABOUT the designer 
Janods tagline is play by nature. Dedicated to natural and ecological design, they have been making wooden toys for 40 years. The designs have been passed down for generations and are tried and tested. These are heritage toys.
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