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Giant Silk Scape Night Sky - Sarah's Silks

Sarah's Silks


A giant silk makes the most versatile toy, adding a magical ingredient to the world of pretend. What's alluring is how silk moves through space, when it fills with air and the way it's slightly sheer. It's so attractive and you can see how children are drawn to playing with these. How they learn to appreciate this beautiful material and integrate it into everyday free play.

At nine feet long and three feet wide, these giant silk scapes have a multitude of uses. Make a canopy over a bed, or use it in fort building, wrap yourself up to create a costume, or use it as a parachute to tuck under, hang it around branches to make a teepee. You will be amazed at the gazillion uses little ones will come up with. 

Measure 274cm (9 feet) x 91.4cm (3 feet)

For care please wash by hand and hang to dry. You can also iron it to restore the shine of the silk.


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