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Loyal Companion Doll & Dog by Lottie

Lottie Dolls


This new Astronaut Doll is inspired by an 8-year-old called Hayden. Hayden has Autism and ADHD. Hayden also has a dog who is trained to assist a child with autism. 

Lottie dolls are a great example of teaching empathy to kids, representing individual children stories we can all relate when we share our vulnerabilities. #dollslikeme

"Cookie is my companion dog and my very best friend. I take her everywhere with me. I’m happiest when places are quiet so I always bring my headphones to keep out any loud noise. This cool t-shirt is my favourite colour blue, and it has the names of three of my heroes with autism written on it. My friends can name lots more! We all agree on one thing – Cookie is the best dog ever. She always makes me feel better if I’m having a difficult day. We have so much fun together." 

Inspired by real kids t-shirt
Astronaut in training jumpsuit
Cookie, a loyal companion dog with a blue bandana (signalling that he is trained to assist an autistic child)
Headphones to keep out high noise volumes
Sunglasses to shield eyes from bright lights

Measures 18cm (7 inches) high

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