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Medium Wooden Rainbow Puzzle Decoration - Grimm's



A gorgeous wooden rainbow puzzle that can be played with easily like a first puzzle but that also looks really nice on a shelf. 

It can be used conventionally as a stacking toy, or when not nested, kids can use the pieces together or individually, using the colourful arches as bridges, tunnels, seesaws, fences, houses, doll cradles, caves and any number of unique creations - the possibilities are boundless! 

Stacking, nesting and building stimulates reasoning skills, essential problem solving activities for children. Children will learn about colours, refine hand-eye coordination and motor skills, as well as expand their creative abilities, while being immersed in critical thinking and deep play.

Hand dyed and hand finished with non-toxic paint.

Measures 20cm (8 inches), 10cm (4 inches) and 6cm (2.5 inches) depth

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