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Mover Fitbit for Kids STEM Toy by Tech Will Save Us

Tech Will Save Us


The coolest new toy on the market. Hands. Down. We are in LOVE with the Mover. It's a clickable kit that uses motion sensors to display the most wonderful array of lights. Makes kids chase the hard to get to rainbow light. Watch what happens when they get it, guaranteed to have them jumping up and down. We love the way the lights glow in varying degrees, they make the Mover absolutely unique and cool. Kids love to wear them on their wrist around their neck or with the attachment on their bikes or scooters. And that's just the beginning because you can easily download various apps and then hack them to make them your own. Really super easy and instinctual even for less science minded people like me! We made a night light that turns on when in position and turns off when upright, to conserve battery. And it took us all of five minutes and both my daughter and me felt like we learned the very principles of coding. 

For a look at the simple and elegantly design coding platform and a great selection of app ideas you can have a look here.


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