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Nathalie Lete Wooden Puppet Theatre of Adventures


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Designed by the French painter this wooden puppet theatre by Nathalie Lete is a gorgeous collector's item but it's also an excellent toy, inspiring children to put on their own shows and practice the art of storytelling.

Sure to capture the imagination of children, instil a love for invention, creativity and cooperative. Who knows? Might even launch the career of a writer or a puppeteer?

Designed with curtain drapes to increase the drama. Theatre is 120 cm wide (47 inches) x 117 cm (46 inches) tall. It can be folded for easy storage, but looks good open in an adult space too. 

Photo in bedroom has been borrowed from the gorgeous children's blog Gareau Poussin 

Please note that due to the size of the theatre-- for delivery outside of UK or USA please email us for a customised delivery quote.

ABOUT the designers

French toy company Vilac has been making wooden toys in classic, old-world style with contemporary colors and designs since 1911. Originally founded by Narcisse Villet in 1911 as a wood turning workshop in Jura, France. Vilac specialise in finely lacquered wooden toys. The durable wood turning technique has continued to the present day contributing to the widely held attraction of Vilac toys.They're famous for their lacquer treated woods, making glossy toys that children and parents love. Vilac the name is a combination of the founders name and lacquer. These are unique toys, that never go out of fashion and have lasting appeal for all generations. Vilac nourishes children's imaginative play with animated, joyful characters and reinterpretations of classic toys that will stand up to wear and tear.


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